Next ORAHS meetings

The ORAHS 2021 planned at the Dalhousie University, Halifax (CA) has been postponed to 2022 or 2023 taking into account possible travel limitations (due to COVID bans) and increase in the prices of air flights to counter the possible airline crisis. The ORAHS 2021's team gave his willingness to organize the conference in 2022 or 2023.

Possible solution for 2021: minimal ORAHS (mORAHS) in Europe, m+eORAHS or hub(s) for non-EU in case of travel limitations. mORAHS may be a limited ORAHS conference according to the possibilities of the organizers. To ease the organization mORAHS could have minimal social program but preserving the scientific program so that we the conference lasts three of four days to reduce the hotel expenses and fee. Possible period: considering that EURO 2021 is in Athens 11-14 July 2021, it will be nice to organize mORAHS around EURO 2021.

Supported by the ORAHS board, the ORAHS coordinators are in charge of re-planning the EWG activities in accordance with the general feedback to avoid e-ORAHS for the next conferences (contrary to the idea of the family).


Reports of the previous meetings are avalaible following the links on the sidebar on your right. Note that some links could be no more available.

Meetings per Country

Country Meetings List
GB8 2017 Bath, 2011 Cardiff, 2005 (2) Southampton, 2000 Glasgow, 1993 Brighton, 1987 Edinburgh, 1975 Exeter
IT5 2014 Bard, 2010 Genova, 1998 Rome, 1989 Urbino, 1984 Altavilla
DE4 2019 Karlsruhe, 1992 Konstanz, 1978 Baden, 1976 Munich
PT3 2019 2014 1996 Lisbon
NO3 2018 Oslo, 1997 1981 Trondheim
NL3 2012 1985 Enschede, 1995 Maastricht
GR3 1994 Chania, 1982 1977 Patras
AT2 2020 2001 Wien
CA2 2015 Montreal, 2008 Toronto
FR2 2007 St Etienne, 1980 Paris
PL2 2006 1990 Wroclaw
SE2 2004 1988 Stockholm
DK2 1991 Liseleje, 1983 Copenhagen
ES1 2016 Pamplona
TR1 2013 Istanbul
BE1 2009 Leuven
CZ1 2003 Prague
BR1 2002 Rio de Janeiro
LV1 1999 Valmiera
FI1 1986 Helsinki
IE1 1979 Dublin

Ordered by number of meetings, and then by the most recent one(s). The list considers also the two ESWIs in Bard (2014) and Southampton (2005), and the EURO PhD school in Lisbon (2019)