Social Program

Following the tradition of the ORAHS conference, we are organising a rich and alternative social program.
The opening and closing receptions will use, instead of Zoom. The link will be emailed to participants. When you first enter Gather.Town it will ask for your name, then please use your full name. You are also able to choose an avatar. In order to move around the room, use the arrow keys on your keyboard and if you want to interact with an item (eg. a whiteboard) you press 'x'. When you are close to another avatar you will see and hear the other person. If you are in one of the private spaces only the others in that space can see and hear you. Gather.Town can be used for catch-ups in breaks and lunchtimes.

Baking competition.
The plan is to improve on the cake that Marion made between sessions last year and have some fun. You can find the recipe here together with some variations.

Last update: 2nd July 2021.

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